Make it personal, Engrave your sabre

An engraved sabre becomes personal, a life long memory. The makings of a great gift.

Choose your font

We use 4 fonts which you can see on the right

Enter your engraving options on the product page

If you'd like a font other then what's shown in our list you can request another font by adding a note in the "Text to engrave" box on the product page.

How we engrave

Etched "diamond drag" is the most elegant and common style.

Laser Marking leaves a permanent dark mark.

Hand Engraved is etched in by a Master Goldsmith.

Sandblasting is used on all glass items.

What we engrave

Sabre Blades - Etched & Laser Marking.

Wood Display Boxes - Laser Marking.

Leather Sheaths - Laser Marking.

Champagne Flutes - Sandblasting.

How long will it take to engrave?

Etched Engraving - 1-3 days.

Laser Marking - 2-7 days.

Sandblasting - 3-7 days.

RUSH ORDERS - Please call, anything is possible! 707.385.0001.

What does it cost?

Etched - $40.00 per side.

Laser Marking $40.00 per side.

Hand Engraved Call for pricing. 707.385.0001

Sandblasting $35.00 per side.

What others are engraving

Famous Champagne Quotes

"Champagne, King of Wines and Wine of Kings." – Prince Orlofsky

"Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!" – Dom Perignon

"Champagne! In victory one deserves it, in defeat one needs it." – Napoleon Bonaparte

"Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right." – Mark Twain

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The Process

Step 1 - Select a Sabre

Select a sabre and add your engraving requirements on the product page. Each sabre is unique and will have specific limitations on positioning and character limits. The engraving process can add 1 to 7 days to the process. See "how long will it take" above.

Step 2 - Choose Position

Select the area you want your engraving to appear. Choose front, back or both sides. Some sabres have the manufactures logo prominently displayed on the blade so only the opposite side will be an option.

Step 3 - Select a Font

We offer 5 font choices: ComScript, Edwardian Script, Old English, Times & Etched Bold. We can use many other fonts. If we have them in our library no charge. If we need to purchase your font an additional $40.00 will be invoiced.

Step 4 - Enter Text or Logo

There will be a text box to enter your engraving requirements. You can add notes in this section if needed.

Logo's need to be emailed to engraving@SonomaChampagneSabres.com You'll need a VECTOR file with EDITABLE artwork. We can redraw non vector file for $50 per hour.

Step 5 - Need a Proof?

We do not send a proof unless you request one or if we feel we need further clarification of your engraving request. Our engravers have a good sense of design and will tastefully layout your project. This measure can add a day to the process.

Step 6 - Did you know we Gift Wrap?

If this is a gift for that special someone or a valued client we'll Gift Wrap and add a Greeting Card to your engraved sabre.

Gift Wrap $7.50

Greeting Card is Free

Custom Packages

Yes, we can "one off" a complete sabre package. See Corporate Gifts for customization options.